Easy Secure Email

Traditional Email is *not* secure. Nveloped's platform makes it easy to send and receive secure email using your existing email address and applications.

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Easy Secure Email

Sending and receiving protected secure email is now as easy as “Click – Click,” and it works with your existing email account

Watch How it Works Mail-apps

You can send a secure message directly to your user's email address. No message portals or encryption keys required

Secure the email you already use

Your recipients use their existing email usernames/passwords to login. No new passwords or websites, and your message is delivered directly to their existing email address

Nveloped secures and delivers confidential messages
Healthcare Services
Financial Services

Your recipients can view and reply to your email directly from their inbox. With Nveloped, Secure Email is as easy as "Click-Click"

Reply to, compose and send emails to clients with security
"Nveloped is so easy to use that it has transformed how I communicate sensitive information via email. I love it!"
Ed Clark
Clark Raymond & Company

When Security Matters

No need to use a different email client or spend lots of development time to start communicating securely.

Learn more about our security practices.

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Protect your Personal Information

Nveloped’s patent-pending technology allows you to send secure messages to any recipient. Whether you're sending individual messages from an email client like Outlook or secure transactional messages from your platform, Nveloped helps you deliver those messages directly to your recipient's inbox.

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Key Advantages

  • 1st service to deliver secure-email content directly to the inbox
  • Innovative, dynamic streaming and authentication technologies
  • Platform enables secure messaging for other platforms and apps
  • Low-friction SMTP/API integration
  • Patent-pending technology
  • Cross-platform, mobile-friendly delivery
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